All lyrics by Andriolo, except track 10 (Reed), track 11 (Shakespeare)

Music by Andriolo (track 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12); Andriolo, Abis (track 3, 8); Andriolo, Bertola,

De Luca (track 13); Tosches, Bertola, Andriolo (track 1); Andriolo, Bertola (track 5); Reed (track 10)

The Clouds is inspired by Cosa Sono Le Nuvole, by Pasolini & Modugno, a song containing lyrics translated from William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venie,

The ending choir in Mexican Skeletons is taken from a poem by J. L. Borges

Produced by Dead Cat in a Bag & Carlo Barbagallo

Recorded by Davide Tosches at Confine del Bosco Studio, Cavagnolo; by Luca Swanz Andriolo

& Carlo Barbagallo at Swanz’s Piace, Turin; by Andrea Bertola at The Cat’s Burrow, Turin; by Luca Iorfida at Solaris Studio, Villarbasse; by Alberto Macerata at Play!, Bricherasio

Engineered by Andrea Bertola & Carlo Barbagallo

Mixed and mastered by Carlo Barbagallo

Pictures by Luca Swanz Andriolo

Graphic Layout by Andrea Bertola

Dead Cat Logo by Daniele Galliano

Label: Gusstaff Records

Contacts, booking & management:

Hard Times Management


Sad Dolls And Furious Flowers

  1. Sad Dolls
  2. Promises In The Evening Breeze
  3. Thirsty
  4. Not a Promise
  5. Muñeca
  6. The voice you shouldn’t hear
  7. The place where you shouldn’t go
  8. Waste
  9. Le Vent
  10. Venus In Furs (Lou Reed)
  11. The Clouds
  12. Mexican Skeletons
  13. Furious Flowers

Sad Dolls

We’re waiting in a dream
Of sad dolls and furious flowers
And we awaken too late
And then go back to sleep.

Promises In The Evening Breeze

There are promises in the evening breeze
That the night just cannot keep
There’s a sweetness in the summer sky
Over there, where it’s so deep.
It’s not enough, I know,
And it’s useless to pretend
But there’s a soft expectation of life
In this night I’m going to spend.

And it’s sweat and it’s smoke
And it’s dancing and it’s booze
And it’s tango and blues
‘Til the sun will bring up the day
Kicking this hungry, silly night away.

The riverside is piss and shadow
Paved with broken glass and lust
Now Desire is crawling drunk
And Beauty displays her ass
At closing time comes a restless feeling
A silent bell ringing for the end
Our time is almost gone
Only a final breath for us to spend.

And it’s sweat and it’s smoke
And it’s dancing and it’s booze
And it’s tango and blues.
Life’s always a step away
And the morning counts the coins on the way

Lost by the night just spent away
The night just wasted away
Like an empty bottle
Adrift in the black black water
Gone dancing away.


Here I am one more time
Coming to terms with the Night.

Drinking bad tasting beer
Without any choice.
Talking nonsense
In a loud voice.

It takes a waitress’ juice to save me.
It takes – always – something else.
It takes one more pint to help me.
It takes – always – somethiang more.

Hey bartender, I still got a thirst … !

Drinking bad tasting beer
Talking about the rain.
Spending another hour.
Pretending it all, in vain.
It takes a summer day to save me
It takes – always – something else
It takes one more dream to help me
It takes – always – something more
And more and more and more.

Not a Promise

We’ll sit by the church
Spotting the short skirts around
Wearing new shirts
Smoking cigarettes in the sun
Asking the wind
For something new to bring
When it will be Spring
When it will be Spring.
But this is not a promise.



The voice you shouldn’t hear

This is the voice you should’t hear
Speaking words you wouldn’t know
This is the logic of a tear
This is the wisdom of the snow

I am the doctor saying: it’s over
I am the radio announcing the flood
I am the heart-attack in the the shower
I am the virus inside your blood

I am the cancer sleeping in you liver
I am the axe deep in the woods
I am the whisper that makes you shiver
The same panic in different moods

I am the stranger outside your door
I am the shadow on your back lawn
I am the blood stain on your kitchen floor
That feeling when you’re alone

I am the friend who strades and betrays you
I am the lover who runs away
The enemy asking around for you
The silence when you break down and pray

I am the tombstone on your mother’s grave
I am the day you wouldn’t face
Soldier, let’s see if you’re that brave
Running away, you’re leaving a trace.

The place where you shouldn't go

There is a shed you should not go to
Asbestos in your lungs, pictures in a box
In the pale light, turning to blue
The glass eyes of a stuffed fox.

Tarnished coins you’ll never spend
Broken memories of a broken life
A dusty secret, a long gone friend
A rusty nail, a bladeless knife.

And there’s a path you have to follow
Under a moon that doesn’t care
Between the river and the willow
Beside the rock, right over there.

The hidden traces are still around
A bitter curse rushing in your blood
A crooked root lying underground
That will be unburied by the flood.


Waste of poetry, waste of hope
Waste of throat, waste of rope
Waste of love, waste of hate
Waste of strength, waste of weight

Waste of tears, waste of smiles
Waste of roads, waste of miles
Waste of me, waste of you
Waste of waste and nothing to do.

Waste of flowers, waste of wine
Checking by heart our deadline
A wasted song, a wasted night
And there’s no way to make it right.

Life is such a waste of time
You can’t even say it’s worth a dirne
You’re a waste of flesh, a waste of skin
I’m a waste of inches, if you get what I mean.

Le Vent

Entre l’agneau et le boucher, je marche avec l’agneau
Entre l’estropié et la croix, je marche avec l’estropié
Entre le destin et la rose, je prends la rose
Entre le couteau et le cœur, j’ai mal au cœur.
Entre l’araignée et la mouche, je marche avec la mouche
Entre le tzigane et le riche, je crois que tous les deux volent.
Entre Dieu et l’homme, je marche avec l’homme, si l’homme existe.
Entre le chat et la souris, la souris, même si j’adore les chats
Entre le ciel et le mourant, je préfère l’infumière
Entre le vent et tes cheveux, je ne choisis pas
Et je profite du spectacle.

The Clouds

Perdiction take my soul, but I love thee
And when I love you not, chaos comes again
All of my fond love
I blow to heaven
Tis gone.
Oh weed so fair and sweet
That the sense aches at thee
Oh would you hast never been born
Would you hast never been born
All of my fond love
I blow to heaven
Tis gone.
The robbed that smiles steals something to the thief
The robbed that cries displays a bootless grief
We are not lost as long as we can smile
But words are only words
And I never yet did hear
That a bruised heart
Was pierced through the ear
All of my fond love
I blow to heaven
I blow to heaven
Tis gone.

Mexican Skeletons

Someone is weeping low, far far away
As the sun is bleeding slowly at the break of day
The silence is a shroud all creased around
Someone is weeping low, there’s no other sound.
How can people manage to face the day
As the past drags them down and the future hauls them away
Cheating themselves up with some fancy hope
Staying in the saddle for sex, God and dope.
I get lost in a picture I keep on the wall
As the early birds are singing out about it all
There are Mexican skeletons riding horses in the sun
When you are not scared to Death, in the end it’s quite fun.

Segùn su custumbre, el sol
Brilla y muere, muere y brilla
Y en el patio, como ayer,
Hay una luna amarilla.

Furious Flowers