The voice you shouldn’t hear

This is the voice you should’t hear
Speaking words you wouldn’t know
This is the logic of a tear
This is the wisdom of the snow

I am the doctor saying: it’s over
I am the radio announcing the flood
I am the heart-attack in the the shower
I am the virus inside your blood

I am the cancer sleeping in you liver
I am the axe deep in the woods
I am the whisper that makes you shiver
The same panic in different moods

I am the stranger outside your door
I am the shadow on your back lawn
I am the blood stain on your kitchen floor
That feeling when you’re alone

I am the friend who strades and betrays you
I am the lover who runs away
The enemy asking around for you
The silence when you break down and pray

I am the tombstone on your mother’s grave
I am the day you wouldn’t face
Soldier, let’s see if you’re that brave
Running away, you’re leaving a trace.