WE'VE BEEN THROUGH_front cover

1. The Cat ls Dead (Andriolo)

2. From Here (Lorca, Andriolo)

3. Between Day And Night (Andriolo, Scardanelli)

4. Evil Plans (Andriolo, Bertola)

5. Lost Friends (McKahey, Andriolo)

6. Wayfaring Stranger (traditional)

7. Hunter’ s Lullaby (Cohen)

8. Duet Far Nothing (Andriolo, Scardanelli, Barbagallo)

9. Fiddler, The Ship ls Sinking (Andriolo, Bertola, Scardanelli)

10. We’ve Been Through (Andriolo)


Swanz: Vocals (track 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10), backing vocals (1, 4, 6), banjo (1, 4, 5, 6, 7), harmonica (1), keyboards (2), lead guitar (6), e-bow guitar (3), acoustic guitar (7),
slide guitar (8), percussions (1, S, 9), cumbus (5), balalaika (5), harmonium (5), field recordings (5)

Scardanelli: electric guitar (1, 3, 6, 8),resophonic guitar (1, 2, 5, 6), keyboards (3), accordion (4,7), bass guitar (6, 8), pump organ (7), saw (5, 7), banjo guitar (9), percussions (9), backing vocals (3, 4, 9)

André: violin (2, 5, 6, 7, 9), electric guitar (4), percussions (9), backing vocals ( 4, 9), strings arrangement (3)


Liam McKahey: vocals (5), backing vocals (5)

Alessandra K. Soro: vocals (8)

Gianni Maroccolo: bass (1)

Carlo Barbagallo: electric guitar (1, 4), slide guitar (6), bass (3), keyboards (1, 2), backingvocals (4)

Lucio Villani: double bass (2), backingvocals (6)

Michele Anelli: double bass (6, 9)

Andrea Tarquini: acoustic guitar (10)

Francesco Allea: drums (1, 3, 4, S, 6), percussions (1)

Bati Bertolio: vibrandoneon (2)

Luca lorfida: Rhodes piano (3), bouzouki (4), oud (4)

Giuseppe Golisano: baritone sax (8)

Ramon Moro: flugelhorn (7)

Oreste Forestieri: shawm (4)

Enrico Famedi: trumpet (10), flugelhorn (10), trombone (10)

Matteo Minotto: bassoon (5)

Unknown Busker in Stockholm: accordion (5)

String quartet (3)
Marcello laconetti: first violin
Tommaso Belli: second violin
Martina Anselmo: viola
Arianna Di Martino: celio


Produced by Carlo Barbagallo & Dead Cat in a Bag at Rubedo Recordings, Turin

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Carlo Barbagallo for Noja Recordings

We’ve been through

  1. The Cat Is Dead
  2. From Here
  3. Between Day And Night
  4. Evil Plans
  5. Lost Friends
  6. Wayfaring Stranger
  7. Hunter’s Lullaby
  8. Duet For Nothing
  9. Fiddler, The Ship Is Sinking
  10. We’ve Been Through

The Cat Is Dead

What do you say
At the end of the day
What do you do
When it’s all through
When the doctor says
There is no cure
When the sky states
You’re no longer pure
When the priest says
There is no redemption
When there is no word
And no further action

The last speech is spoken
The last bottle is broken
The last door is closed
And the last window is open
When no one claps hands
And your song is over
When you’re all alone
Still in love with no lover
When there’s nothing left to get
After the last cigarette
When you are so bored
Of being sick and tired of it
And fucking upset
By all of this shit

When you know it’s too late
When you have missed the date
When the party is done
When you have thrown the last stone
When you’re sore to the bone
Shipwrecked in shame
And there’s no one around
That you can blame
And you have lost your touch
And everything is way too much

Hang a rag as a flag
And stuff the cat in the bag.

From Here

Go and tell my friends that I am dead
The water’s still singing
Under the wood that’s shivering.

Go and tell my friends
That I am dead
The trees are dancing
Under the shroud of the sound.

Tell them I am lying
With my eyes wide open
And covers my face
The immortal blue veil.

I’ve gone without bread
Away, away, so far
I’ve gone without bread
To my star.

Between Day And Night

I took a walk between day and night.
The sky above looked about to rain.
I fell in love with every city light.
I fell in love with every city light.

I walked down slowly the darkest lane.
Listening to voices and to my own heartbeat.
An invitation so hard to explain.
‘t was a temptation so hard to explain.

I was alone and with no-one to meet,
Upon the edge between laugh and cry.
I turned my back on a crowded street,
I turned my back on a lonely street.

Nobody called me back to say good-bye
And from above, from an amazing height,
I heard a rumble running through the sky.
I heard a thunder echoing in the sky.

I felt the time was wrong, the hour was right, 
To walk back home, from my walk in the night.

Evil Plans

I smoke too much, ‘cause I‘m burning well
I can kiss like heaven and fuck like hell
I’ve got evil plans, but I ain’t evil, you see
I’ve got evil plans and I’m as bad as I can be.

It’s better being a bastard than being just vile
As for being mean, it’s a matter of style
Don’t blame the World’s meanness to claim your excuses:
The victim’s rage is a just a lie for the losers.

What do you want, what do you offer?
What do you steal, what do you suffer?
What do you pay, what do you see?
I’ve got evil plans and I’m as bad as I can be.

Everything you do in the end won’t be judged
And the moral law within is but a burning bridge,
I ain’t looking for sympathy, ‘cause nothin’s for free
I’ve got evil plans and I’m as bad as I can be.

What do you want, what do you offer?
What do you steal, what do you suffer?
What do you pay, what do you see?
I’ve got evil plans and I’m as bad as I can be.

What do you want, what do you offer?
What do you steal, what do you suffer?
What do you pay, what do you see?
I’ve got evil plans and I’m as bad as I can be.

This time I’m not looking for someone to blame
This time I’m not trying to extinguish the flame,
I light a cigarette and I smoke peacefully
I’ve got evil plans and it’s only me.

Lost Friends

I lost a friend today
Somewhere along the way,
Some I will miss more than others
Like the ones you said were brothers.
It should have lasted years,
But in the end they just don’t care,
They leave you suffer like a sucker
Those treacherous motherfuckers.

Wayfaring Stranger


Duet For Nothing

If I were still talking to you,
So strange I once used to,
I’d ask you not to do something for me:
Don’t go back to that bar when we used to get lunch,
So the waiter can remember of us, can remember of us.
The only thing you can do for me is nothing.

Now I go on, hold on, wait, try to reach a top quality hate.
I forget to forget, I don’t remember that well
I fancy you come back to send you to hell,
My one dish is dirty in the sink and it’s all…
That’s nothing.

I’ve been depressed, obsessed, possessed,
I’m quite good at dealing with anything.
I keep talking to the bedroom wall
When I don’t have much to say, or nothing at all.
I know the only thing left to say is nothing.

You didn’t win, but I did lose, yet it was not a war.
Sometimes at night I think back of that bar,
I think of you, of me, of the way we were.
And I remember your hat, your hair

Fiddler, The Ship Is Sinking

Well, the ship is sinking and the water is black
For sure this journey won’t have a way back
The ship is sinking and the water is cold
The same fate’s embracing the young and the old

There’s no place to run, there’s no place to hide
The great ship has a wound all over the side
You can cry, you can mourn, you can decide
You can play all along this frozen last ride

There’s only the time left for the last song
Every attempt to be saved can only be wrong
Now take up your fiddler and do play it well
It has to be heard both in heaven and hell!

All your life is a matter of taste in the end
Every note, every chord, every letter you send
The moon will be listening but won’t answer back
Fiddler, the ship is sinking and the water is black

The ship
The ship
Is sinking
Is sinking
The ship
The ship
The ship is sinking

For the last time, you can start a death dance
There is no other way, you won’t have another chance
You can cry, you can weep, you can blame the sky
You can play your own requiem, or at least you can try

So pick up your violin and fix your necktie
This time you are going to play till you die
It’s the very last song that will end pretty soon
Now play your best music, alone for the moon

And the whole orchestra is playing along with you
There is no tune that can sound the same true
Every note, every silence, everything you play
Will linger and fade before the break of day

Let’s start the party although there’s no light
In a last round of waltz, in the very last fight
It’s your time, it’s your duty and it is your right
The ship is sinking down here in the night.

The ship
The ship
Is sinking
Is sinking
The ship
The ship
The ship is sinking

We’ve Been Through

We’ve been through stormy days and dead nights
We’ve been through kisses and fights
We’ve been through every kind of defeat
We’ve been through hatred and deceit.

We’ve been attending our own autopsy
We’ve been as close as close we could be
We’ve been playing a dull fixed game
We’ve been shipwrecking into our shame.

We’ve been listening to our silence for so long
We’ve been wondering if we were that strong
We’ve been facing a dream fading away
We’ve been cursing the night during the day.

I’ve been through the blue and the black
I’ve been going away and I’ve been coming back
I’ve been through all of that for a long time now
I couldn’t change anything I’ve been through anyhow.

We’ve been through we’ve been through
We are through, we’ve been through