The Cat Is Dead

What do you say
At the end of the day
What do you do
When it’s all through
When the doctor says
There is no cure
When the sky states
You’re no longer pure
When the priest says
There is no redemption
When there is no word
And no further action

The last speech is spoken
The last bottle is broken
The last door is closed
And the last window is open
When no one claps hands
And your song is over
When you’re all alone
Still in love with no lover
When there’s nothing left to get
After the last cigarette
When you are so bored
Of being sick and tired of it
And fucking upset
By all of this shit

When you know it’s too late
When you have missed the date
When the party is done
When you have thrown the last stone
When you’re sore to the bone
Shipwrecked in shame
And there’s no one around
That you can blame
And you have lost your touch
And everything is way too much

Hang a rag as a flag
And stuff the cat in the bag.